Friday, November 8, 2013

Counting Down

First of all, I'm quite surprised to see that my blog is still getting at least 50 views a day even though I haven't posted in a month! Thank you for your continued support!

So, I'm back! I know, I said that last month! But this time I mean it! My fiancé and I have moved into our house, settled in, and I have unpacked and shelved the books so that makes it official. All of my books are out of boxes and they (and I) are very happy about it!
Here is a picture of my shelves on their way to being somewhat organized. Please excuse the surrounding mess. I mostly just wanted to get the books out of boxes and off of the floor. I have two other shelves in the house as well. Yes, that is a life size cardboard cut out of Harry Potter up there. (And I made that big 3D '5' out of cardboard for my niece's upcoming birthday. I just need to decorate it.)
I posted this photo on my personal Facebook and all of my family and friends were surprised by the amount of books that I own. I've also had people online ask me how I afford all of my books so I'll let you in on the secret now.

I buy all of my books secondhand.
Shhh. Don't tell.
No, seriously. I practically NEVER buy a book new. It might be because there are no bookstores within an hours drive of where I live but, then again, I don't buy online either. The majority of my books came from thrift stores and library sales. I used to get about 10-20 really great books for less than $5 (and sometimes just a dollar or two) at one thrift store but they jacked up their prices to almost a dollar per book so I don't come home with as many anymore. On the other hand, my local library has a really big book sale twice a year that lasts for 5 days. The second to last day is always half-price day and the last day is always $3 bag day. I get the most books then. In my last post I mentioned that I got 90+ books for just $18. And they weren't all just random books to fill up bags. They were books that I either already wanted to read or thought I would really enjoy.
Anyway, I haven't been reading very much for the past few months. I just finished my Halloween read, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, this morning. I wrote a very rusty review for it on Goodreads that I will probably share here later.

I'm very behind on my '# of books read' goal for the year. I'm on 74 out of 100. With only about a month and a half left in the year, the easiest way to get anywhere closer to that number is by reading a bunch of small books. Is that cheating? I'm still reading, right? I'm not going to pretend that I read books just to reach a goal. If I don't reach it, that's okay. I can always 'cheat' some more and decrease my goal to 80 or 90 books for the year (via Goodreads, of course). I have a ton of children's and middle-grade books that I've wanted to get to this year anyway. I just can't believe that I read 70 books in the first 6 months of the year and only about 3 so far since then. I'll chalk (or is it chock?) it up to being so busy since June.

No matter. I'm counting down the days to starting over in 2014.


  1. Almost all of my books are second-hand too. Each year, my parent's community has a book swap that I volunteer at (confession: the only reason I volunteer there is because I get first dibs on the books I want). It's great because the books are FREE. And then each year, Calgary Reads hosts their own book sale and their profits go to their reading organization. The books are super discounted (between $1-5 each) and I buy so many books. Those are usually the only times I get a ton of books. Other than that, I may buy one or two every couple of months depending on what new books just came out, but I keep my big book hauls to those swaps/sales.
    Go us! :)

    1. I love second-hand books! Every book needs a home! :D