Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Sunday Post #60 - Blogoversary, Earth Day, & More

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer
It's a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things you received, share news about what is coming up on your blog for the week ahead, and more.

Time for me to play catch up!
The past two weeks have been so full of birthdays and holidays. Between that and all the spring cleaning, gardening, and 'teaching' I've been doing, I haven't had a moment to blog (which probably isn't great considering that my blogoversary was last week and I have two giveaways open. I haven't had much time to get the word out.)
Easter was a lot of fun and we spent most of Earth Day in the garden planting seeds and watching the butterflies. We even made a bird feeder.  Most of my time is dedicated to my daughter these days so I don't have much time to read for myself but we spend a lot of time reading picture books and playing with fun learning toys.
I've also been writing a lot in my free time and have surpassed my goal for the month but my reading has suffered a lot from it. I'm hoping I can prioritize my time  better though to get more done next month. It's already rediculously hot so I have a feeling I'll be hiding inside a lot in the next few months for the rest of the year. 

New To My Shelves
I found the first 3 books in the Zom-B series for $1 at a Dollar Tree this past weekend! It's been too long since I read a good zombie novel.

What You Might Have Missed

My 4 year Blogoversary Giveaway Post

I shared Age of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan for my Can't Wait Wednesday this week. 

Coming Soon
Some overdue "Mommy Time" picture book reviews, mostly.

Recently Finished

Currently Reading

I know everyone loves these books but Feyre is so whiny and I'm not entirely digging it right now. 

Currently Watching
Anything and everything with dinosaurs. 
I finished Medici and started Strange Empire but haven't really had time to watch anything. 

What I'm Listening To
An Imaginal Space - Myths
Have a great week!


  1. Happy Blogoversary! Enjoy your week, and thanks for sharing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! So happy for you. 4 years of blogging is incredible. What a fantastic achievement. I can only hope I can celebrate my one year of blogging, being a new blogger I am.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I hope you enjoy all your books you're currently reading and planning to read. Have a wonderful week. :)

    1. THanks so much! I hope your blogging experiences continue to be wonderful! This is such a great community. :)

  3. Happy blogoversary! And glad you had a nice Easter! I've had my eye on Norse Mythology, that looks really good. And I think I've seen Medici over at Netflix? It sounds really familiar. I'm watching the Travelers...

    I love ambient music! Great song.

    1. Thanks, Greg! :) Yes, Medici is on Netflix. I want to get Hulu soon so I have more to choose from but I'll check out the Travelers. :)

  4. I think it's great you had so much fun the last weeks especially with your daughter even if you had to take a break from blogging :) and much writing too! That's great! Since I did Camp NaNoWriMo my reading and blogging fell a little behind too. Happy reading, blogging and writing!

    1. Thank you! It's a struggle sometimes to juggle so much and I needed to step back and reevaluate some things. I'm still trying to work out a balance but I'm happier with the changes I've made. :)
      I hope you rocked Camp NaNo! All my writing is warm up for November!

  5. Happy blogoversary and all the holidays! Lol. And that's awesome you've been getting writing done :-) Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristen! I'd pushed writing onto the backburner for too long so I'm really happy to get back to it. :)

  6. I'm sorry you've been so busy but Happy Blogoversary for the other day!

    I'm sorry you aren't enjoying ACOMAF but it was my favourite book of last year!!!

    Oooh - you readThe Dragon's Price - I want to read that one!