Friday, February 2, 2018

Picture Book Review: Stegasaurus Would Not Make A Good Pirate by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Stegosaurus Would NOT Make A Good Pirate
by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Illustrated by Steph Colvert
Published on February 1, 2018
by Picture Window Books

Gary the Stegosaurus wants to be a pirate. But then he gets the chance, things do NOT work out. Getting seasick is the least of Gary's worries once he's on that ship! This delightful picture book from the Dinosaur Dreams series includes discussion questions, an interactive look-and-find fact section, and dinosaur facts. 

Our Thoughts:
Gary the Stegosaurus tells us all about his quick adventure as a pirate. He wanted to be a good pirate, but things just didn't seem to work out. His clothes didn't fit, he accidentally shredded the sails, and he's literally too big for the ship! 

This was a lot of fun. We quickly learn that something like being a pirate may seem like a lot of fun but it isn't for everyone. It's always a good idea to try, though! 

I love that there are pages in the back of this picture book with interactive material such as discussion questions, a glossary for both dino and pirate words that some might not know, facts about stegosauruses, and more!

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