Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Sunday Post #5

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Something about February makes me a little sad. Maybe it's just the realization that January holds all the excitement of a clean slate and a new year and now that is over. Before we know it we will be half way through the year and on our way to 2017.
Our weather here in Florida has been wacky, as always. It got up into the high 80's earlier this week but then it rained and it dropped down into the 40's and is supposed to get colder this week. We are so used to our heat that we will be bundled up inside with the heat on. 

In gardening news, I harvested my first head of cabbage from the garden and made a 'Stuffed Cabbage Roll' soup out of it. It's the same great taste without the hassle of forks and knives. We planted lots of seeds for the summer and we are trying jalapenos this year! 

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Books I Finished This Week


New Children's Books We Read This Week

What I'm Currently Reading

City of Thirst by Carrie Ryan & John Parke Davis
Yes, still haven't finished this. It's a fun read but reading it out loud is taking a lot of time. 

Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
This is my first 'steampunk' story and it is actually quite awesome! The world is full of unique characters such as talking birds, foxes with three tails, and silver-eyed hags that steal small children and replace them with a 'changeling' made of cogs, hence the 'cogling'. 


  1. How fun to see a review of The Mouse and the Motorcycle, I remember that book :) And the Cogling sounds interesting as well. Hope your weather straightens out- it's been cold up here in the north but not bad for this time of year.

    I know what you mean too about January- always nice to start a new year but sometimes that newness fades by February.

    1. Haha, I'll be reading a lot of old children's books this year that really bring out the 90's nostalgia for me! There are just so many books I can't believe I didn't read as a kid.
      Still freezing in terms of Florida weather but we still have sunshine so that makes it tolerable! :)

  2. Awesome haul of books this week. I hope you love all of your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love