Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2016 Wrap Up

This was another pretty great reading month. I had participated in the Clean Sweep ARC Challenge which pushed me to read a big majority of the arcs I had on my shelf. I do still have a couple left to get to (and a few newer ones) but I'm glad to have had that push to finish most of them. I also joined in on the Bout of Books Readathon which so far is my favorite readathon and I always try to participate in it. 
I read 12 books this month and it would have been more but I started Winter by Marissa Meyer halfway through the month and ended up taking FOREVER to finish it. It took up a lot of time and I only read a few short books during that time so I feel like I could have read at least 2 more big books in the time it took me to read Winter but I'm trying to finish up that series so I guess it was worth it.

If you'd like to see what I read vs. what I didn't get around to, you can check out my MY MAY TBR.

Books I Read

Pages Read: 4165
A record number for this year so far!

Challenge Progress

New Places Visited

Sahara Desert
Farafrah, Egypt
Kufra, Egypt
Siberian Tundra

(Tru & Nelle)
Monroeville, Alabama

(On Your Mark: The Adventure Begins)


Physical books from my shelves:


I could probably count a lot of the other's I read this month as fantasy but these are definitely fantasy, no questions asked. 



None this month but I am almost finished with The Lunar Chronicles (just need to read Stars Above) and the Oz series! 

 I may have to add this info in later. 

Favorite Book of the Month
The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill
This doesn't come out until August but I loved everything about it! It was amazing!
How did you guys do on your goals this month? What was your favorite book? 


  1. Nice mix of books this month. Love the look of The Glass Castle and The Girl Who Drank the Moon has a very nice cover. That around the World challenge is kinda cool, it's nice seeing where books take place. The Sahara desert, Siberia... some nice locales there. :)

  2. I really enjoy the Around the World Challenge. Adding to the map is pretty fun. :)