Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BookTube-A-Thon WRAP-UP

BookTube Read-A-Thon
July 15 - July 21
I haven't really been keeping track of my progress throughout the entire week, nor have I made any progress videos for youtube.
1) read an average of 300 pages a day
2) read a book with over 500 pages 
3) re-read one book 
4) finish a series/trilogy 
5) read a book that's been on your shelf forever 
6) listen to an audiobook 
7) read a classic 
(I listened to the audiobook of The Raven Boys throughout the week but I didn't keep track of it, nor did I count any invisible pages into my daily page count like everyone else seems to have done.)
Day 1:
I started reading 'The Enchantress' by Michael Scott. Read 224 pages.
Day 2:
I wasn't home most of the day so I only read about 75 pages.
Day 3:
I read 200+ pages and finished 'The Enchantress'.
Day 4:
I started and read about 16 pages of 'A Room With A View', got bored and read 184 pages of 'The Hobbit'.
Day 5:
I read about 166 pages and finished 'The Hobbit'. I read some more of 'A Room With A View' but didn't keep track of the pages.
Day 6:
I didn't really want to read so I ended up making Harry Potter wands and a Doctor Who galaxy shirt while listening to my audiobook (pictures will be up on my art blog soon.)
I don't know how many pages I read, but I got to pg 122 in 'A Room With A View' and read the first chapter of 'The Archived' by Victoria Schwab.
Day 7:
I finished 'A Room With A View' first thing in the morning. I also listened to the remaining 2-3 hours of 'The Raven Boys' on audiobook. I was going to power through 'The Archived' but I just wasn't in the mood to read anymore.

I haven't added up my total page count because that didn't matter much to me. 

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