Monday, March 21, 2016

Children's Picture Book Review: Chloe by Peter McCarty

Title: Chloe
Author: Peter McCarty
Publisher: Balzer & Bray

Publication Date: April 19, 2012

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Chloe has ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters.  She's in the middle and she loves it--especially when they all gather for family fun time. 

But when dad brings home a surprise one evening, Chloe finds that she is not in the middle anymore... but not for long!

With gorgeous colored-ink drawings and funny, spare text, Peter McCarty tells a winning story of family, imagination, and love.

My Thoughts:
Chloe is the middle child with 10 older and 10 younger brothers and sisters. She thinks that their family fun time is the best thing in the world. When her father brings home a television set as a surprise, Chloe is very disappointed. Sitting around is not her or her baby sister, Bridget's, idea of fun at all. Within the discarded television box they find bubble wrap and start popping away. Soon, the other brothers and sisters join in on playing with the bubble wrap until the popping is so loud that their mother and father can no longer hear the television and sends them all to bed.

The message that television time should not take over the good old family fun time is clear in this story and I cannot agree more. I personally think sitting down and watching a good family movie from time to time is fine but sometimes it becomes an addiction that is hard to reverse. Making time for other physical activities and things that make you think and use your brain like puzzles and board games are always more fun and interactive.

I love the illustrations in this book, from the detailed tree branches on the inside cover to the simple patterns on each bunny's clothes. The pastel colors mixed with off-white pages create a warm and inviting effect. The bunnies aren't very realistic but they are still very cute.

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