Friday, March 25, 2016

Hiding In Books Readathon Sign Up & Goals

The lovely Annika from Hiding in Books is hosting an impromptu readathon for those of us who don't really have plans this Easter weekend (or if you do have plans and can still make plenty of time to read. Or just a little time. Whatever works for you!)!

I will not be visiting family (they all have the flu!) and hubby has to work so it will just be me and Lovebug. We will be 'celebrating' and doing Lovebug's first Easter egg hunt on Monday so that leaves the weekend open for me to fit in reading whenever I can.

My goals aren't big but I'd like to finish at least two books. 

I started 'The Girl With All The Gifts' (physical book) this morning and would like to finish it this weekend if I can and will be starting 'Ready Player One' (ebook) tonight once Lovebug falls asleep.
(I'm a two books at a time kind of girl these days!)

And if by any chance I do finish those two books, here are my backup choices! 

Why bother with a readathon if I'm not planning on reading a ton? Because I love readathons! They are great motivation and a fun way to interact with other readers!

Don't forget to use #hidingReadAThon on Twitter and/or Instagram!


  1. I think reading two books would be perfectly good for a ReadAThon! And I'm so glad you're participating :) Love your post! The Girl with All the Gifts sounds interesting, and I've heard good things about Ready Player One so I'm excited to see what you think of those :)
    And I think you already know that I loved Uprooted so I hope you do get around to that one soon-ish.
    Thanks for taking part Stacy Renee!

    1. I planned on reading Uprooted when I finished the Throne of Glass series (the 4 that are out anyway) but I need a few days to absorb Queen of Shadows before starting another fantasy! I'm really looking forward to it though and hope to start it this week!
      Thank you for this readathon! I really needed something to motivate me to read more from my TBR pile through the last few days in this month! :)

  2. I want to read The Girl With All the Gifts in the worst way, but it is always checked out of the library. I am starting to think someone just didn't bring it back. I keep seeing Ready Player One around, I will have to look unto it more on Good reads. Good luck!

    1. I've had that happen with books I had on hold before. Someone never returned a book and after half a year of waiting and my # in line not changing I emailed them about it and they finally bought a new copy!
      They are both really good so far, just VERY different from one another. That's probably the best way to read two books at once, though!

  3. You've got some great looking books on your to read list. Hope you get extra ambitious and read them all!

  4. This is a wonderful lineup! I can't wait to see what you say about Ready Play One - my cousin and her boyfriend have been trying to get me to read it for *ages*!