Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Picture Book Review: It's Raining Bats and Frogs by Rebecca Colby

Title: It's Raining Bats & Frogs
Author: Rebecca Colby
Illustrator: Steven Henry
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: August 11, 2015
Length: 40 pages
Source: Borrowed

Delia has been looking forward all year to flying in the annual Halloween Parade. But parade day brings heavy rain. So, Delia takes action. Using her best magic, Delia changes the rain to cats and dogs. But that doesn't work too well! Then hats and clogs. That doesn't work, either! Each new type of rains brings a new set of problems. How can Delia save the day?

My Thoughts:
Delia is excited to participate in the annual Halloween Parade but when it starts raining she decides to do a little magic. First she turns the rain into cats and dogs, but that just didn't work. Then she changes it to hats and clogs, but the other witches started fighting over them. Then she changed the rain to bats and frogs, but that didn't work either! Eventually, Delia figures out the perfect thing and the parade goes on despite the foul weather. 

It's Raining Bats & Frogs is the perfect picture book to read this close to Halloween. It's full of witches flying broomsticks and witchy things. There's also a big Halloween Parade at the end that is lots of fun. 

The illustrations are more on the adorable side than spooky but the coloration gives a very dark and foreboding touch to the story. The witches and the animals in this book are all very happy with friendly faces and that makes this perfect for young readers who aren't quite looking for something scary yet. 

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