Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review: Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Children's Literature
(First published in 1945)
April 21st 2005 by Puffin
My Rating:
Tommy and his sister Annika have a new neighbor, and her name is Pippi Longstocking. She has crazy red pigtails, no parents to tell her what to do, a horse that lives on her porch, and a flair for the outrageous that seems to lead to one adventure after another!
Tommy and Annika live perfectly normal boring lives until they discover that they mysteriously acquired a neighbor. They meet Pippi Longstocking and immediately become friends. There are many odd things about Pippi but overall she is just plain out fun to be around. There is always an adventure in store at her house.

Pippi is a strange but wonderful female character. She is strong both physically and mentally. She loves adventures and pretty much raises herself. She knows tons of things about far off places that kids probably don't know about yet. And if something she says turns out to be a lie, well, that's okay, because it's all in good fun! Who's to say what Pippi believes isn't true?
This is one of those books that I'm just not positive about whether or not I read it as a kid. Now that I've read it, I'm almost sure that I DID read it as a kid. Not only is the story familiar but so are the words. I remember watching the cartoon and the live version of this on tv when I was a kid so I really can't tell if it's that I'm remembering or the book itself. No matter, I'm glad that I read it again for Children's Book Week.

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  1. Ah, one of my absolute childhood favourites (as most Lindgren's books - I think I read them all more than 20 times as a kid :)) Wonderful to see it in a book blog!