Thursday, May 30, 2013

Booking Through Thursday #3

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Booking Through Thursday.


My ideal reading experience is in a completely silent home (no people playing loud game systems, no chatter, no barking) except for maybe some peaceful classical, chillwave, electronic, or indie music on low that I will eventually block out but will forever associate with the book I'm reading.
I like to be laying down when I'm reading or at least in a half-reclined position so bed, the couch, armchair, or a hammock is the best place for me. I enjoy reading outside if it is a peaceful day and if I don't live near a road or noisy neighbors. It's nice to hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees while I read.
If I have a snack, it won't be some messy, greasy food that will leave marks on my pages. Instead I will eat almonds, dried fruit, granola bars, or other similarly unmessy foods.
Also, if my cat wouldn't lay on my chest every time I lay down to read, that would be great! :)

How about you? What is your ideal reading experience?


  1. I like quiet, too; and yes, non-messy snacks. Here's MY BTT POST

  2. Cool answer!!

    For me reading is important. How/why/where are not relevant.

    Here is my post!

  3. My cat lays under my chin and almost in my face whenever I try to read :(

    1. My cat did that a lot when he was smaller. Now he's huge and practically crushes me. It's like he's jealous of my books at times because he'll literally push them out of the way to curl up on my chest!