Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Ebook Challenge

The 2013 Ebook Challenge is hosted by Sarah over at Workaday Reads.
Why I decided to join this challenge half way through the year:
I don't own a physical e-reader but I downloaded Kindle PC to my computer a month or two ago and since then I have accumulated about 500 e-books. (Thanks a ton, Kindle Freebies.) I've realized that I read slower on the computer than I do with a physical book so I haven' t read many e-books yet but I've recently received a couple of e-books for review so I feel obligated to set aside some time to read them. Because I read slower on the computer and because I tend to stray to doing other things while on it, I thought a challenge might help me stay on track and knock out some of my 'to-read Library'.
My goals:
I really don't want to put too big of a goal on myself because I don't know how I will do or how many ebooks I will have a chance to read. I basically want to focus on reading the e-books I have received for review to start with and then move on to all those awesome freebies I have accumulated if I have the time between reading all the physical books that I also need/want to read.
I'm aiming towards at least 10 e-books.
So: Level - CD
E-books I Need and Want to Read Soon
For Review:
The Bridge of Dead Things by Michael Gallagher (currently reading)
The Lightness of Dust by M.L. Weaver
Twin Souls by K.A. Poe
Hybrid by K.A. Poe
Shadows on the School Grounds by B.C. Roger
The Sword of Truth by Brian D. Anderson
Of Gods and Elves by Brian D. Anderson
The Shadows of Gods by Brian D. Anderson
For Fun/Pleasure:
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Reboot by Amy Tintera
The Program by Suzanne Young
The Serpent's Ring by H.B. Bolton
I don't think I will get around to reading more than one or two e-books this month but I will be participating in a 'read-a-thon' at the beginning of July and plan on getting through a few e-books that week. (I'll also be writing for Camp NaNoWriMo that week so I probably won't get a ton of reading done.)
At the end of each month I will make a post with my e-book challenge progress.

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