Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review. You can send emails to stacyreneereads(at)gmail(dot)com

I accept ARCs, finished copies, and e-books in Kindle (mobi) format only. If the book is a part of a series, then I may need the previous books.
I am NOT accepting self-published books, indie press books, or interactive media books at this time. Review requests for these books will not receive a reply. Exceptions include those already on my TBR List.

I read in the age levels of:
 Middle Grade
Young Adult
Adult (Absolutely NO erotica)

Genres I Enjoy:
Fairy tale/Myth Retellings
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

If you send me a request, please include:
- Title
- Author
- Publishing Company
- Release Date
- # of Pages
- Genre
- Synopsis

I will make every effort to read and review in a timely fashion and with regard to release dates, but I cannot guarantee this. Depending on my schedule and how many books I have to read/review, it could take up to 3 months for me to get to your book.
I will publish my reviews here, Goodreads, Amazon, and sometimes on my Tumblr book blog. I share links to these reviews on many different social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Booklikes, etc. If the book is on Smashwords, I will post a review there as well.
My review will always be my honest opinion and consist of my thoughts alone. Please expect me to either like or dislike your book. I do not hand out 5 stars to every book I read. My review and rating will depend on what I thought of the book.
If I do not finish a book I may write an explanation for DNF-ing. These explanations are different from standard reviews and will state that I did not finish the book, what page I read up to, why I did not finish, and if I plan on ever picking up the book again. I very rarely DNF a book, though.

The books that I review on this blog, unless otherwise stated, were either purchased with my own money, won in a giveaway, given as a gift, borrowed from the library, or requested for a review. I have in no way received any monetary compensation for my reviews and I DO NOT sell my books! 


  1. Hope you're doing fine and in the best of your health

    I'm a new author on Amazon and i was looking for bloggers who could leave an honest review in return of a book.

    I'll be really obliged.

    The ASIN is : B0713S53YG

    This is Amazon's link of the book.

    Thanks once again.

    P.S It's available for free on Saturday and Sunday and even today. Please grab a free copy and save it on your computer or Mac or Kindle. You can always read it later. Take this as a request and please download it. Thank you.

    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Take care of yourself,
    Annie Walters

    1. Hi Annie,
      I apologise for not seeing this sooner.
      I prefer to receive requests via email so I can keep track of them easier. Please feel free to contact me at stacyreneereads(AT)gmail.
      Thank you so much for reaching out!