Thursday, December 4, 2014

COYER Challenge Sign-Up & Goals

Clean Out Your E-Reads Challenge
Winter 2014 - 2015

hosted by Berls @ Fantasy Is More Fun


This challenge runs from December 20th to March 6th so there is plenty of time to participate! 

Go check out the details and if you do sign up, be sure to indicate that I sent you on the linky, where it says “Who referred you?” so I can have a chance at winning $5 to Amazon!

I found this challenge through Bea's Book Nook

There will be twitter parties, mini-challenges, Read-a-thons, giveaways and more! 


This will be my first time participating in this challenge. I'm signing up a little early because I probably won't have time in the future to put out lengthy posts like this. 

I recently got a tablet to read the free ebooks that I've accumulated on Amazon over the past year. Before that I only had the app on my desktop which was no fun to read at! Technically, I'll be in the 'just started' cleaning stage but I hope to participate in future COYERs to help even out my 'one-click' freebie obsession.

A book that I've already started but am sure will take me most of the month to read is:

Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

There's no telling what I'll read after that since having an ereader is very new to me! Here are some of the free ebooks that I have added to my device from my Amazon cloud (which consists of over 1500 ebooks now). 

{covers link to Goodreads}


Want to keep up with my COYER Challenge progress?
Be sure to

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  1. I am loving your list and I am so happy you are joining us! Good Luck with the challenge! I can't wait till it starts :)