Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all you moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day!
I'm unfortunately not a mother yet but I hope that it happens someday.
I'm just going to use all this negative space as a place to set down a to-do list for the week. I'm already feeling the stress of starting an online college course and the read-a-thon on Monday. I feel like I'm going to forget about everything else but I'm also very aware of all the day to day things I'm going to have to do that will keep me from reading all day.

Pay Bills
Thrift-store book shopping (out of town)
Begin Online Writing Class
Start reading 'The City of Ember'
Write a review for 'The 5th Wave'
Writing Class
Hopefully start 'The People of Sparks'
'Top Ten Tuesday'
(First day to myself)
Thrift-store book shopping
Writing Class
Hopefully start 'The Prophet of Yonwood'
'Wish List Wednesday'
Writing Class
Hopefully start & or finish 'The Diamond of Darkhold'
'Booking Through Thursday'
Writing Class
write a series review of all four 'Books of Ember'
Read 'The Thief Lord'
Write a review
Read 'Peter Pan'
Write a review
'Stacking the Shelves'
Read 'The Lost Hero'
Write a review
Who knows if I will read more or less. I hope I can at least read one book a day. That is my ultimate goal. I have tons of other little things to do each day but these are the most important pertaining to my blog. I'll add and scratch out as I go along. :)

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