Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wish List Wednesday #3

'Wish List Wednesday' is a book blog meme created by Pen To Paper.
The 'rules' of this meme are to choose one book from your wishlist and feature it on your blog. I think I'm going to bend the rules a little bit and list 2 or 3 books from my wishlist. 

This week I am going to feature the first 3 book in a series.

I've read some but not many books that focus around the Fae. Those that I did read were not extremely popular and I guess I could just call them mediocre. I'm very determined to find at least one that I can love and recommend to others. I've heard great things about these books and am willing to give them a try. (Also, I've been putting them off but I recently won a copy of The Immortal Rules which I've yet to receive and am also excited to read. I figured I'd 'wish' for these and hopefully get to read at least some of Julie Kagawa's books together.)

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