Monday, August 15, 2016

National Geographic Kids: Fun Books About Sports

I'm a little ashamed to say that I don't really pay attention to popular sports like football, baseball, or basketball these days. I've never been very athletic and tend to stick to simple things like cycling and hiking to stay active. I did enjoy sports and sports-like activities a lot as a kid but as an adult it's hard to find the time to join in. 

Now that the Olympics are in full swing, thoughts of sports I participated in as a child have resurfaced and I'm awaiting (or possibly dreading?) the days when I'll need to cart around my own child to softball games or karate matches. No matter what, I'll be my daughter's biggest fan and cheerleader.
In any case, I'll need to introduce her to the wide world of sports and what better way than with some fun books about sports from National Geographic Kids?

Many thanks to National Geographic Kids and Media Masters for providing review copies of these books for us to peruse and learn from!

National Geographic Kids: Everything Sports by Eric Zweig
64 pages

Everything Sports has an impressive array of facts combined with full page photographs that really capture the eye. Eric Zweig, with the help of sports reporter Shalise Manza, has compiled everything you might want or need to know about sports from the Olympics and it's history, to Hall of Famers, to what exactly sports balls are made of, and lots more. It features popular sports like American football, basketball, and baseball but also covers other sports such as fencing, discus, and even parkour, just to name a few. 

To top off everything you can learn from this book, it's full of trivia, multiple choice questions, and more to test what you have learned but in an incredibly fun and interactive way that is sure to keep kids coming back to test what they remember! This would be my go-to recommendation for anyone wanting to learn a little more about any sport! 

Funny Fill-In: My Gold Medal Adventure by National Geographic Kids
48 pages

This is a fun activity book that can be done alone but works best if shared with a friend or family member. Each full color spread has a picture and a story with blanks that you can fill with nouns, adjectives, body parts, and more to create a personalized and possibly hilarious tale revolving around sports!

Funny Fill-Ins are a great interactive activity that help build imagination, vocabulary, and an understanding of the different parts of speech. There are 22 different stories to fill in which makes them a perfect cure for boredom during rainy days or long car rides. They can also be used over and over if done in pencil! 

Weird but True Sports: 300 Wacky Facts About Awesome Athletics by National Geographic Kids
208 pages

Last but not least, this little book is packed full of wonderfully wacky, unusual, and sometimes downright silly facts about all things sports, from the record number of dogs on a surfboard to the life span of a NBA basketball. You're sure to learn a ton of great things about popular and lesser known sports activities from this vivid and enticing photo-filled book. 

This one has quickly become my favorite of the three. I'm really enjoying all of the fun facts and am sharing them with whoever will listen! 

 I think the great thing about sports though is that there is such a wide variety that you can either watch or actually participate in. It's tons of fun to cheer on your favorite athletes as well, especially when the Olympics roll around! These books are the perfect way to introduce kids to sports or entertain your little athletes.

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