Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Picture Book Review: Super Happy Magic Forest by Matty Long

Title: Super Happy Magic Forest
Author/Illustrator: Matty Long
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: February 23, 2016
Length: 32 pages
Source: borrowed

Welcome to the Super Happy Magical Forest, a super happy, super magical place filled with picnics, dancing, and fun. That is until the source of all things joyous, the Mystical Crystals of Life, are stolen! 

Five heroes -- a fairy, a unicorn, a faun, a gnome, and a talking mushroom -- have been summoned by wise Old Oak to retrieve the Crystals, but the epic quest won't be easy. They must first battle through frozen lands, navigate past scary dungeons, and encounter terrifying creatures along the way. Will these heroes save the day? It's hard to say! 

With so much to laugh at and explore, lovers of silliness, adventure, and all things magical won't be able to get enough of Super Happy Magical Forest!

My Thoughts: 
The Super Happy Magical Forest is exactly as it sounds but when the Mystical Crystals of Life are stolen, the forest creature's way of life is threatened. The wise Old Oak declares that goblins took the crystals and asks who will set out to retrieve them. The five chosen heroes travel through frozen lands, haunted forests,  dark dungeons, and more on their way to the Goblin Tower. But once there, they learn that the goblins don't have the crystals after all. There's treachery afoot and it is up to these five heroes to find out who took the crystals and how they can get them back.

Our five heroes are an eclectic group made up of a faun, a gnome, a fairy, a unicorn, and a mushroom.There are tons of thought bubbles and labels telling what certain things are that really add to the original story. 

Super Happy Magic Forest is a super busy book full of bright and cheerful magical creatures with an interesting plot and super fun outcome. This comical quest story is sure to delight and entertain children of all ages. There's plenty to do while reading this book' from finding a path through each scene to playing 'I spy" with all the different animals, objects, and other details. Each page is tons of fun. 

Additionally, the physical book is something you'll want on your children's shelves. (I definitely do!)
I love the end-paper map labeling all the different places mentioned in the book.I also love that there is a bookplate at the beginning stating 'This epic quest belongs to _____" makes this book a perfect gift and likewise, the dedication is made out to "epic-quest enthusiasts everywhere."

Overall, this is one of the funnest picture books I've come across and would definitely recommend it!

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