Thursday, August 3, 2017

National Georgraphic Kids Almanac 2018

I received a copy of this book from National Geographic Kids and Media Masters in exchange for an honest review.

National Geographic Kids
Almanac 2018
Publication Date: May 9, 2017
Length: 351 pages

With the new school year just around the corner, it's time to get rid of the summer brain drain and get those kids ready to learn again! We all love those summer breaks but getting your child ready for school well before they start the new year will help them fall right into the learning schedule and will help them keep their grades up in the upcoming school year.
So why not start with an amazing resource filled with a ton of topics paired with brightly colored photos that will catch your child's interest over and over again! 

The National Geographic Kids Almanacs are an affordable way to give children a bit of knowledge on so many different topics. It is a great way to review things your children may have already learned in the past and they're sure to learn a few new things while they are at it!

This almanac is split into 12 different sections starting with what's new in our part of the world (there's a Canadian version, too!). These sections cover all sorts of amazing topics from amazing animals, space and earth, to engineering and technology, and much more! 

Each section is packed full of amazingly detailed color photos and more facts and tidbits of useful information than you could absorb in just one day. 

Want to be a Conservationalist? You can learn what subjects you should study, what shows to watch, and what books to read. You can also read about people who work in that field (or others). 

Want to know how to write the perfect essay? Want to know more about dinosaurs? Or animals that are currently battling climate change? 

You may learn about weather and natural disasters, types of biomes, rocks, planets, and more. You can even find out exactly when the next supermoon, eclipse, or meteor shower is!

Want to know your Chinese horoscope or what holidays people around the world celebrate? Then check out 'Cultural Connection'! 

Want to grow your own biofilm, learn how to do proper research, or learn how your brain works? Check out 'Life Science'!

There's something for everyone in here!

Do you like a little challenge with your learning? Not only does this almanac have quizzes throughout the 12 sections but it also has a 'Fun & Games' section full of 'Funny Fill-Ins', 'Find It' picture pages, comics, jokes, and more! 

With all your favorite Nat Geo Kids features like 'Weird But True Facts', '18 Cool Things', there's enough in this almanac to keep any curious child busy for days, weeks, and months! 
It is the perfect resource for any little learner, whether they are homeschooled, tutored, or attend a brick and mortar school.  There's so much more than what I've shared here so be sure to grab your own copy (links above) and add it to your shelves! 

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