Sunday, February 16, 2014

Books, Music, and Movies: The Doors


I came across 'The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison: Wilderness (Volume One)' at a thrift store and immediately recognized Jim Morrison on the cover. While the cover picture is faint and not the greatest, there were a few photos interspersed within and I can't help but say that Morrison was a handsome man. I planned on reading more non-fiction this year so I dug right into it. I admit that I didn't understand a lot of Morrison's poetry but then again, some of it was profoundly beautiful.
My favorite little bit was this: 

Today is blessed
The rest

There were a few other really good poems that stuck with me.


People Are Strange

Riders on the Storm

Listening to The Doors is pretty nostalgic for me. Actually, a lot of classic rock is nostalgic for me. My parents had what I consider to be great taste in music and it has influenced and shaped my life. My dad blasted Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Willy Nelson, and more on his stereo. My mom and stepdad were in a band that played lots of classic rock including Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more. I grew up on Nirvana, Alanis Morissette,  Alice in Chains, System of A Down, and lots more. As I get older, modern rock seems to get just a little bit worse every year and I find myself listening to the good old classics more and more.


The movie, which just happens to currently be on Netflix, released in 1991 and starred Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison and Meg Ryan as his long time girlfriend. It was what anyone could expect a movie about a musician's life to be. Lots of music, gigs, drugs, alcohol, and sex. It was interesting to get a deeper look into his life through this film. 


I always found it interesting that he was born in Florida (my home state) and died in Paris, France. My fiance and I had planned a trip to Paris last year mostly as a sort of mental vacation and one of my must-see stops was the Pere Lachaise Cemetery to see Jim Morrison's grave. That would be the coolest, in my opinion.
It is sad to know that most talented, poetic people (mostly musicians) die at such young ages. Jim Morrison was only 27, which is the age I am now. I can only imagine what his life and music might have become if he hadn't died so young.

 Overall, it was interesting to delve into Jim Morrison's world for a day.

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