Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Series Review: Julie Sternberg's 'Eleanor' trilogy

'Eleanor' trilogy by Julie Sternberg

Illustrated by Matthew Cordell
'Like Pickle Juice On A Cookie'

Published: March 2011 by Harry N. Abrams
Pages: 128

'Like Bug Juice On A Burger'

Published: April 2013 by Henry N. Abrams
Pages: 176
Literary Awards: Monarch Award Nominee (2015)

'Like Carrot Juice On A Cupcake' 

Published: March 2014 by Henry N. Abrams
Pages: 192

First of all, I must thank the author for sending me hardcover copies of these beautiful books! I won them through a giveaway but after 3 months, I was resigned to not getting them when they finally showed up! 

These were very fun reads that gave a good look into the mind and sometimes seemingly horrid life of an 8 year old. 

In 'Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie', Eleanor's beloved babysitter moves away and Eleanor suffers this injustice (as well as a new babysitter) very poorly until she realizes that not everything is fair and that new babysitters can be just as fun and friendly. 

In 'Like Bug Juice on a Burger', Eleanor's goes to the same summer camp her mother went to as a girl, but when she gets there she realizes that she isn't cut out for camp life and just wants to go home! 

In 'Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake', there's a new girl in Eleanor's class and she seems to be losing her best friend to her while at the same time being roped into playing the lead in the school play even though she has stage fright! 

All three stories in this trilogy are full of life-lessons that Eleanor must learn. She starts out as a seemingly self-absorbed 8 year old who thinks that everything is unfair but soon learns to take other's needs, wants, and feelings into account along with her own. It was fun to see the perspective of an only child living in Brooklyn and to see her grow and learn. I kept trying to think back to that age and grade in elementary school and wondered if it was similar for me. I will be sharing these with my niece in hopes that she will like them and I can get a few thoughts out of her about them soon! 


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  2. Stacy--I'm so sorry the books took so long to arrive! I will check with my publicist and try to figure out what happened. You shouldn't have had to wait three months! I'm so glad you liked the books once they came. All the best, Julie