Friday, April 22, 2016

Freebie Friday #12

I skipped last week's Freebie post because it was my blogiversary (there's still a giveaway going!) but I'm back with some great free ebooks for you to grab up while you can! 

Books were free at time of posting. 


Awesome Opossum Visits the Zoo by M.K. Mathias

Ernie the Elephant and the Teddy Bear by Leela Hope 

Sandy the Selfish Seagull by Uncle Poppy

Bees Like Flowers by Rebecca Bielawski

Emerald the Mermaid by Mary K. Smith

Misty the Littlest Mermaid by Mary K. Smith


Earthking by Christopher Hall

Conrad Edison and the Living Curse by John Corwin

The Sorcerer's Ring by Julius St. Clair


White Feather by CJ Parmenter

Eolyn by Karin Rita Gastreich

A Grave For Kings by Joseph Walter

Prophecy's Ruin by Sam Bowring

The Bravest of Souls by Robert W. Oliver

Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Fire Song by Val St. Crowe

The Lycan Socirty by Steven J. Shelley

Little Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Slayer by Carl Waters


Enjoy and don't forget to check out my blogiverary giveaways

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