Monday, April 18, 2016

Picture Book Review: Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell

Author: Moon Rabbit
Author: Natalie Russell
Illustrated by the author
Publisher: Viking Juvenile 
Publication Date: May 28, 2009

Could there be someone out there? Another little rabbit just like her?
That is what Little Rabbit wonders one moonlit night. She loves living in the city. She has a wonderful home. Her favorite cafe. A park to play in. But sometimes she is just a little... lonely. And then one night, as the moon shines brightly, Little Rabbit meets Brown Rabbit. Could he be the friend she was wishing for?

Gently and lovingly told, yet strong in emotion, Moon Rabbit is for anyone who wishes for or who has found their best friend.

My Thoughts:
Little Rabbit often looks up at the moon from her home in the city and wonders if there is someone out there in the world just like her, who could be her friend. One day, while reading a book in the park, she hears beautiful music and though it has gotten dark, she follows the music until she comes across Brown Rabbit playing the guitar. A friendship sparks between them and they spend the next day picnic-ing and playing games of hide-and-seek. But as night falls and the moon comes out once again, Little Rabbit sees the glowing lights of the city and longs for home. 

This is a beautiful story of longing and friendship. The rabbits are adorable and look like they would make the perfect floppy-eared stuffed bunny! The illustrations are lovely with beautiful flowers and blossoming trees. I loved the detailed ivy, the leaves on the trees, and the cityscapes. I think that this picture book will be enjoyed by many.

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