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Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY - In the Eyes of Madness by Michael Pang

In the Eyes of Madness
by MichaelPang
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Release Date: March 1st 2016
SolaFide Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

A near tragic incident at the hands of his psychotic mother left Declan Peters alone and with so many questions. 

Years later, Declan is determined to find a way to be closer to his mother and takes a job at the institution where she's being held. That fateful decision will be the impetus for a chain of events so terrifying that Declan will question his own grasp on reality. 

What he finds will be more horrifying than anything he's ever experienced and more dangerous than anything he's yet known. In a place, rife with demonic possession and sadistic beings, will Declan finally be able to find the answers he's longed for before its too late or will he succumb to the evil forces that inhabit the institution and all who live there?  

"That’s beautiful, Mom. I bet you there will be people who would want to buy these. Declan examined the flower while taking hold of his mother’s hands. He felt his hands burn and looked up when he thought he saw something move in the corner of his eye. Suddenly still, his mother was staring off into the box. As calmly as he could manage, he asked, Mom? What are you looking for? Mom? He got no response from her, and he felt a chill go down his spine. The remainder of the setting sunlight seemed to have withdrawn from the room. A sense of panic engulfed all his senses, and suddenly she looked up, grabbing his arms. He shuddered as she suddenly screamed out. You can stop pretending to be my son! I will never tell you! She grabbed Declan by the back of his shirt collar and dragged him toward the bathroom. Struggling to free himself from his mother, he thrashed his arms and legs around trying to grab hold of something. Choking, Declan managed to shout, Stop, Mom! Please stop it! I’m your son! Can’t you remember? I’m your son! Please, Mom, don’t do this! She bashed Declan’s head against the base of the bathroom sink as she tried to push Declan’s head into the toilet bowl. Pain exploded from the side of his head, and everything started to look blurry.  I will drown you this time, demon child! You took everything from me! I won’t let you hurt anyone else! Declan pushed off with his arms and legs and slammed her against the bathroom wall opposite from the toilet. The room seemed immensely longer than it had been as he ran back to her bed to push the call button for one of her nurses. He had almost reached the button when she grabbed him by the hair to drag him back to the bathroom.  Not this time! I’ve got you this time! she screamed. Declan reached out once again toward the hospital bed where the call button was located. The bed moved forward a couple of inches and Declan’s finger collided with the button. Despite having to fight off his mother, he squeezed his eyes shut for a second when he thought he must have somehow hallucinated the hospital bed’s movement. Hospital beds don’t move by themselves! He wondered if this was all real. Within twenty seconds, three UAPs rushed in and restrained his mother. She continued to struggle and hiss, screaming,  I will get you, demon! I will kill you if it’s the last thing I do! Declan walked out of the room. His eyes burned as tears streamed down his cheeks. He said, Goodnight Mom, sleep tight, as the doors closed behind him.

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About the Author
Project manager by profession but modern Renaissance man by nature, Michael Pang has dabbled in many different areas in his career. From working with steam turbines to eventually switching into the world of IT, his plethora of experience highlights his personality –he’s a person always searching for more knowledge.

Michael was born in Hong Kong in 1983. His family immigrated to San Francisco when he was three and eventually landed in Florida. After graduating from high school, Michael gained his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Despite his currently demanding work schedule, Michael is very involved in activities at his local Project Management Institute Chapter where he fulfills his passion for teaching as the Vice President of Education. But, his desire to serve and help others doesn’t end there, he’s an avid Christian and very active in his local church. He loves kids, with two daughters of his own with his lovely wife, and volunteers at children’s church in his ministry.

He speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin and in his free time enjoys reading, writing, eating, cooking, playing music, dancing, singing, and watching musicals. One of his mottos is Everyday that he hasn’t learned something new is a day wasted.
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