Saturday, May 21, 2016

National Readathon Day

You guys, today is National Readathon Day!!!

This is not the typical readathon that I participate in through book blogs. Instead it was created by Penguin Random House and is a super important day to help raise funds in support of literacy! This year donations will benefit ALA's Every Child Ready to Read program.

Want to participate? Even if you can't donate, you can help this cause by sharing a picture of yourself reading today on social media and using the hashtag #READATHON2016!

You may even be able to join Reading Parties in your area that you can find on the Readathon website. Can't find a party near you? Organize one or ask your local library or school to participate and create a local reading party for next year!

Supporting and promoting literacy, especially in young children, is such an important cause and one I know that most of you reading this can get behind. 
So please join us and have a wonderful National Readathon Day! 

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