Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #78 - Non-Bookish Websites

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Non-Bookish Websites I Love

Ok, so this is hard. There aren't many sites that I use that I haven't used to see something bookish on. I use Youtube for music but mostly for BookTube. I use Instagram but not very often and mostly to browse Bookstagram these days. It's seriously hard to think of any sites that aren't related to books but I will try. I probably won't come up with ten.

I haven't used this art site in a couple of years but I used to be seriously addicted to it. 

This is a music site that I personally think is way better than Pandora or IHeartRadio but I haven't been on there in forever because they switched to youtube videos. 

Ok, I mostly use this for my book blog LazyDayLit but before that I just posted lots of dark, macabre, horror type of stuff on my main blog, BloodRedNightmare. But that was years ago. I haven't been very active on there in almost 3 years. 

I'm kind of an addict when it comes to Pinterest. I love to diy and do lots of arts & crafts so it's like a playground or a bookshop for me. I have way too many boards. 

Again, I have a page for this blog  but I also have a private account that I use to talk to family. 

Google Maps & Docs
I keep a map for the Around the World Challenge but also for my bucketlist of places I want to go and have been to.
Docs I use quite often to keep notes for my reviews but also to jot down story ideas or lists. 

Ok, just kidding. I haven't been on this site since I was in 9th grade and that was a long time ago. I've just run out of ideas.

Ok, that was pretty much a huge fail. I can't think of any others. Books consume my life as well as my internet life. 


  1. I'd have a harder time than you coming up with 10 non-book or at least writer sites. Thanks for sharing your list.

    1. It was pretty difficult. This list just showed me that I need to find some new sites to peruse because I really do spend all of my time focusing on books.
      Thank you for stopping by! :)

  2. Great list actually. I wouldn't have thought of deviant art if I had made a list but I am on there a lot, looking at artwork. All those sites where they post SF/ F artwork are such a time sink, I can get lost looking at all the awesome stuff.

    1. Gosh yes, I used to spend endless hours on DeviantArt looking at art. People are just so darn talented. A lot of it is great writing inspiration, too. :)

  3. DeviantArt amazes me - the talent! My TTT

    1. It amazes me too, although as an artist it often makes me feel like I could never be as good as everyone else!

  4. Great list! I love tumblr but I might need to check out last.fm and deviantart :)
    Heres my TTT

  5. I love those sites too! Especially devianart and pinterest because I'm a very visual person.