Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fantasy Favorites Readathon Sign Up & Goals

Hosted by Olivia's Catastrophe and Inge and Aly from Of Wonderland


This readathon will take place from July 10 - July 18.

There are 3 series that the hosts will be featuring / reading during this readathon and they have challenged everyone to read them as well (but it's not mandatory.) The series are Throne of Glass, Grisha series, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The only series I haven't read is the Grisha series but I doubt I'll be able to get the books for that week so I won't be participating in that.


While it's not required to read only fantasy, I am going to try to read mostly (if not all) fantasy for this readathon. Summer always puts me in the mood for some good fantasy!

Books I Might Read
(I'm putting this up a little early so there is a chance that I will read these before the readathon. I will delete those and add more if that is the case.)

I hope to read at least 4 of these books but some are much longer than others so it depends on what I'm reading at the time, I guess. I'm just going to go with the flow and skip all the pressure.
How about you? Are you participating in this readathon? Or perhaps the Make Me Read It Readathon instead? 


  1. I like fantasy in the summer too. I signed up for a readathon right after this one or I might have done this one too. You have some good looking books there, I've Wednesdays in the Tower and it's a cute story. Plus griffins! Legacy of Kings has a sweet cover too.

    1. I've seen a few other people say that summer is their go-to time to read fantasy as well. There's something about the extra adventure... :)

  2. So glad you're joining our read-a-thon! You have a whole list of awesome books up there (I'm especially intrigued by Nevernight and Everland!), but should you be interested in doing Grisha anyway, the ebooks are currently on sale for $0.99 a book on Amazon. :)

  3. Legacy of Kings is awesome I'm really looking forward to the sequel! :)

  4. Into the Dim is one that I have but haven't read yet either. But this sounds like such a good collection so I hope you manage to enjoy all of them! I'm really excited to be reading with you all :3

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